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Our Coffees

Michael's Gourmet Coffee offers the largest selection of gourmet ground coffee, whole bean coffee, flavored coffee blends, decaf coffee, and organic coffee. We search the world over for the finest Arabica coffee beans from the premier coffee growing regions of the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific Tropics.

Michael's Gourmet Coffee - The best gourmet ground, whole bean, decaf, organic, and flavored coffee blends and now try Michael's Gourmet Cookies, too!
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Gourmet Non-Flavored Coffee
Non-Flavored Gourmet Coffee beans are blended together and roasted to enhance the natural flavors.
Flavored Coffee
Flavoring our coffee is done by adding a small amount of natural or nature-identical essences to freshly roasted coffee beans.
Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee
Whole bean coffee makes the freshest cup of coffee you can brew. Grind just the amount you need.
Gourmet Decaf Coffee
Our decaf coffees come in a wide variety of blends, non-flavored, flavored, organic and whole bean coffees.
Gourmet Organic Coffee
Our organic coffees are farmed with only au-natural methods. No chemical pesticides or artificial chemicals are used.
Gourmet Jamaican Hawaiian Coffee
Kona coffee is one of the most expensive in the world. Only coffee from the Kona Districts is "Kona".
Gourmet Holiday Coffee Flavors
Our holiday flavored coffees are available all year long and give the nice warmth of the season.
Gourmet Coffee Specials
There are no coffee specials at this time. Do not forget to check back as we do frequently offer specials.
Michael's Gourmet Cookies
Founded in 1997 with over a decade in the business, Michaels Gourmet Coffee now introduces you to his masterpiece.

Our Coffee

Coffee Makes a Great Gift

“I give your coffee to friends and relatives for special occasions. They tell me all the time it's the best gift they receive!”